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Looking for a low-cost professional CCTV Installation Harare services solution  for your home or business?

Quality Surveillance provides homes and businesses with the latest CCTV and intruder alarm systems to keep your property safe. We provide CCTV installation service in Harare and surrounding cities that include Marondera, Chegutu, Beatrice, Kadoma, Norton and Bindura. We are also a reputable company that provides reliable security products customised  for both individual and business clients. Uniquely, with many years experience in the CCTV installation industry, Quality Surveillance is now a bankable security services company. Thinking of a reliable CCTV system in Zimbabwe, we offer a free site survey to explain in detail our 24 hour video surveillance. This free site survey also takes into consideration our high level security and remote monitoring  services.

Equally, as your CCTV patron of choice, we keep your home and business safe in Harare, Marondera, Bindura, Chegutu, Kadoma and Beatrice. From CCTV system design, installation and maintenance, we are additionally best placed to give satisfactory security solutions all the time.

Furthermore, our CCTV installation Harare services not only perform as a powerful deterrent to would be burglars. They also give homeowners peace of mind that they are safe and protected. Moreover, having a CCTV security system from QS improves the rate of conviction.  Again, this is important to insurance companies after accidents. As your installation services professional in Harare, we are among the best CCTV Installers in Harare, surrounding areas and Zimbabwe as a whole. 

Why you Should Install a CCTV System?

Installation of a CCTV system in Harare and Zimbabwe for both residential and commercial purposes has a lot of benefits. CCTV installation companies in Harare like Quality Surveillance let clients enjoy the following benefits:

  1. It Prevents Thefts
  2. Lets Visibility of entire premises
  3. Enables checking employee performance.
  4. Also prevents destroying of property
  5. Monitoring and checking staff safety
  6. Provides peace of mind.
  7. Providing camera footage for evidence.

Deterring Thefts

CCTV Installation services installed by QS shall instantly deter criminals and theft. In Harare and some other neighbouring cities like Norton, Chegutu, Marondera, Kadoma intruders look for easy targets. Therefore, finding out a CCTV system installed by Quality Surveillance will therefore force them to look for new targets. Moreover, CCTV Installation Harare services are effective for both internal and external security. This  likewise shall therefore deter theft by leaving no area unmonitored. Also, engaging our services, this shows the potential intruder that the individual and business is serious about security.

Visibility of Entire Premises

Moreover, it is impossible to be everywhere within a company all at once. Companies can therefore employ video surveillance services from QS as an extra eye. The individual and company shall therefore be in a position to have an overview of their entire homes or company area from one device. Video Surveillance services from Quality Surveillance shall therefore enable users to be in control and check what’s going on on a day to day basis. This shall give an opportunity to improve business performance.

Check and Monitor Employee Performance

Video Surveillance services from QS shall also enable clients to keep track of employee activity and performance. This is especially with regards timekeeping and attendance, which is very helpful when being offsite yourself. Video Surveillance shall therefore help an individual or company check if an employee is behaving accordingly and in a professional manner., 

Why You Should Choose our CCTV Installation Harare Services

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